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What’s the best way to send money to India?

There are several ways that one can send money to India. The following are some, not in any particular order. Usually, when you use your debit card instead of your checking account and pay the fast transaction fees which is higher than regular speed with checking account, the funds will reach very quick.  The following are some.  Xoom Remitly– Gives better rates than Xoom in our experience. Get a $15 discount with my Remitly referral...


Courier Service to India from USA

There are multiple ways you can send courier to India from USA If you know someone is going to India, pay for extra check in baggage. Might be cheaper and faster. USPS-The documents reached within a week and paid 5$ DHL-package delivered in 3 days FedEx is an other good option  


Getting OCI renewed due to new passport. Applying for a new OCI card.

The process is similar to applying for a new OCI card when you get a new passport. You follow the same process that you did to get new OCI card. All the documents are the same plus new passport, expired passport and old OCI card, It takes approximately two months. Click on How to apply for OCI card.  


Tips for international travel with a few months old baby

Feel free to ask for support with co-passengers (if needed) Book a bassinet as soon as possible. Ask for extra seat if no bassinet. They don’t allow bassinet during take off and landing. finger foods, baby carrier, pack all the baby food in a transparent ziplock in one place Keep her Diaper Bag Ready: Extra clothes in ziplock, diapers, some new toys, pacifiers to Ease his/her ear pressure, bibs, teethers, blankets, changing pad, diaper pill,...

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401 K : What are the advantages of a 401K investment?

Do you know why some love 401K investments? 401 K is an excellent investment for a lot of people especially high earning individuals.  You can save 1/3rd of the $18K in taxes assuming you are in 30% tax bracket. You save $6K right away.  If you have an employer match, you will save that additional amount. If recession hits at the time of your retirement, your money is exposed to that market, but its the...

learn car driving quickly for driving license 0

Quickest way to learn car driving and get Driving License in the first try

Are you planning to get a driving license? I have a nice trick that helped me learn car driving on my own in just 2 days over the weekend. I was in the university doing MS when I did this.  Basically, the written test may vary in different states. But, when it comes to practical driving test, it is the same in every state with regards to what they test.  Basically, they want to see...

how to prevent sudden cardiac death? 0

How to prevent Sudden Cardiac Death due to Heart Attack in South East Asians or Indians?

Do you know what causes sudden cardiac death? This topic is dear to me. I want to help as many people as possible by bringing awareness among Desis as heart disease is on the rise in young Indians. After a lot of research, I came up with the following information which is very useful for each one of us to prevent from dying early suddenly. Recently, lot of GoFundMe campaigns are being shared in social...


VRK diet: What is Veeramachineni Rama Krishna Ketogenic Diet?

What is VRK Diet? It is a form of Keto diet made popular by a person called Veermachineni Rama Krishna in Andhra Pradesh.  He claims that it can cure some cases of Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, and some other chronic diseases.  Do you want to know more about VRK diet? “Today more than 95% of chronic disease is caused by ‘FOOD CHOICE’, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiency and lack of physical exercise.”   “It is Health that...


Recommendations to buy the best health or medical insurance for parents as tourists traveling from overseas as a visitor to USA that provides comprehensive coverage including pre-existing conditions

What is the best Travel Medical Insurance? This question is one of the most common questions being asked in Facebook groups. Every year, thousands of parents from India visit USA for spending time with their children. Most of them have some chronic medical conditions. Due to change in weather, and also the stress of the travel, it is better to have a good medical insurance for peace of mind. Medical costs in USA are very...


Change of address on USCIS website when you are on a VISA like H1b and move to a new house

Did you recently buy a house or moved to a new place? We moved and it was a lot of work. Our immigration lawyer advised us to fill AR 11 FORM online in USCIS website. Lawyer said that “U.S. Immigration law requires that all foreign nationals notify USCIS within 10 days of moving by completing the Form AR-11, Change of Address Card online.” As per this form, the primary purpose for providing the requested information...