21 Things to do that can make you Happier, Healthier and more Beautiful just in one day

Beauty is being the best version of yourself on the inside and out

Happiness is nothing more than a good health and bad memory.

What do you do when you are free but bored or do not know what to do?

Did you ever hear about making it a HEALTH DAY?

I have a nice friend about whom I know very well. Her work, her free time, her hobbies, her family etc.

 One day, I called her and asked to come visit me. She said that she is busy.

I was sure that she was free that day, but she said that she is busy.

I know that she does not lie to me.

Upon asking again, she said that it is her HEALTH DAY.

 I got curious. What is health day?

She said that whenever she is free, once a month or so, she makes it her health day.

 She revealed to me that she does the following on that day to make her healthy and happy and more beautiful. No wonder she is so happy, healthy and beautiful.

Below are the list of the things that can be done to make ourselves more healthy, happy and beautiful in just one single day.

  • Wake up early: The best thing about waking up early in morning is that you can have enough time for all that you plan in a day. For this, try to sleep earlier the previous night. 7-8 hours of sleep is the goal.
  • Clean your teeth: Brush your teeth two times and use a dental floss and a mouth wash if possible. It can give a healthy and fresh start to your day. Do clean your teeth at least 2 times a day, one in the morning and one at night before bed time. Read about use of flossing teeth daily.
  • Wash your face: Wash your face with cool or warm water in the morning and night. Your face creates the first impression to anyone you meet in a day. When your face is bright with healthy glow irrespective of your skin tone, you will surely have a confident look in your face which improves your self-confidence and makes you look more beautiful. Do not forget to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your face.  Be gentle on your skin. Don’t pull or rub too hard.
  • Drink water: Drink up to 8 glasses of water in the day. This keeps you healthier as all the toxins are flushed out and a healthy glow is seen in your face. Good hydration keeps your skin wrinkle free and will enhance glow in the skin. If your legs or ankles are swollen, you should talk to your family doctor before drinking excessive amounts of water. Good hydration helps have regular bowel movements too by preventing constipation. Read why drinking plenty of water is not for everyone.
  • Exercise or yoga: Do some exercise or yoga which ever you enjoy the most. Enjoy doing them so that you get the most benefits from it. Now that you have woken up early in the morning you have time for your health and body fitness. When your body is fit you can do any work and you do not get exhausted in the evening even after completing all your work with full of energy. YouTube has lot of videos and you can search for a good one and just follow their steps. It is fun and healthy.
  • Eat healthy: I know this could be difficult.  Cut down all sugars and minimize carbohydrates. Eat at home. Healthy food can bring a glow on your face and improves your health. Use raw honey or organic brown sugar in your tea or coffee or any other food items where you use sugar.
  • Massage your hair and skin: Body keeps shedding skin cells and replacing with new cells. That’s why we may notice that our skin looks very nice some days and may look dull on other days. Apply an oil of your choice and gently massage your hair and skin. Do not pull hair or skin too much. Massaging helps improve blood supply there by keeping skin and hair healthy and in their best shape. Read how to avoid hair from falling and graying.
  • Create Personal Time: Make some time for your personal care alone. If you always have kids to take care of and too busy to allot personal time for this, plan in a way that you can find free time for yourself. Just relax and do nothing. Switch of phone and TV.  
  •  Make your room clean: Vacuum your bed room. Clean your bed room so that you can sleep in a fresh clean bed room tonight. Use Hepafilter fans to clean your bedroom from any dust.
  • Be Positive: Think positive. You don’t have a choice. When you are positive, your environment will be positive and you will be happy when you see positivity around you. This improves your mental health because you don’t have bad or negative feelings in mind. When you are mentally healthy, your physical health also improves.
  • Inspirational speech or nice music: Listen to some inspirational speech or your favorite music which makes you feel better and keeps you energetic. You can dance to the nice tunes if you want to. When you are inspired and energetic, you do your daily work with energy and interest which makes you feel good.
  • Minimize the screen time:  Are you feeling tired most of the time?Do you want your eyes to glow? Stop using the phone or laptop as much as possible today. Do not visit any social media site unless you absolutely have to.   It gives rest to your eyes and brain. You won’t feel tired and your eyes don’t look tired by avoiding electronic gadgets for one entire day. This gives extra time to spend with family.
  • Relax: Just relax. Do not do anything. Relax your muscles and mind. Do not do any stressful work. I strongly believe that the solution to most problems in this world is first to relax and then think what to do. Relax multiple times a day. This will keep your blood pressure under control and keeps stress hormone levels low. This will keep the body healthy and young in the long term. Beauty goes up when mind and body are relaxed.
  • Take a long shower: Shower not only cleans us physically but mentally too. While taking shower, feel in your mind that your body is getting cleaned and feel that you are getting healthy and younger. It is these positive ideas or imaginations that help in the long term. It is not the actual age that matters; it is how you feel in your mind about your age that matters. Feel younger than your actual age.
  • Elevate your legs: Most of us stand or sit for several hours at work place. Even after coming home, we keep standing or sitting for few more hours. While we sit or stand, blood pools in legs. In the long term, it can cause swelling in ankles and feet. It can also cause varicose veins [ curved prominent blood vessels] on both men and women. So, to avoid these issues, try to keep your legs and feet elevated above the heart level while on the bed. Use pillows to elevate them. Swollen legs and ankles can cause pain and are prone to infections. Skin also develops pigmentation in the long term. Prevent all these problems by elevating feet.
  • Nail care: Cut long nails. Get manicure or pedicure if you like to. Wash socks as dirty socks can cause fungal infection of nails. Having long nails can sometimes injure kids by accident too.
  • Pray or Meditate: Spiritual health is equally important. Pray god or just do meditation. There are so many things in our lives which are not under our control. To be able to have strength to handle those things, we need some spiritual health. You don’t have to go to a place of worship, you can do at home too.  You just need a few minutes to do this.
  • Set up Doctor appointment: If you have been putting off going to a doctor, today is the day you need to think about setting up an appointment. Everyone needs to see a doctor once a year even though you feel perfectly fine. Get some routine blood work to make sure everything is ok.
  • Get a haircut: This really helps to look young and active especially if you did not get a haircut for several weeks.Getting rid of unwanted hair makes you feel lighter and younger.
  • Spend time with family: Make some time to spend with your family members together at one place before sleep-Call it a FAMILY TIME. The kids love it.  A few minutes of being together with family members all at one place before sleeping and expressing love to one another will greatly improve your life and kids’ upbringing. All the family members can sleep better too. The main source of happiness comes from being in love with your spouse. Do not argue on anything. Do not fight on anything. Just forgive and love.
  • Keep your body symmetric: Most look good when we wear sunglasses. Sunglasses improve symmetry. Same way, try to improve your body symmetry. Keep your legs close. Some people keep their legs close to each other and some prefer to keep them a few inches away without their knowledge. When legs are close to each other, they are straight and when kept away enough, they attain some outward bending which does not give a good look. Stand straight and relax. Keep your hair symmetric.

You don’t have to do all of these on your HEALTH DAY. Do not get stressed out trying to accomplish all of these on that HEALTH DAY that you choose. Just do as many as you can. You also do not have to do these in any order.

Do you have any more ideas that can help to make us healthy, happy and beautiful in just one day?

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