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Quickest way to learn car driving and get Driving License in the first try

Are you planning to get a driving license? I have a nice trick that helped me learn car driving on my own in just 2 days over the weekend. I was in the university doing MS when I did this.  Basically, the written test may vary in different states. But, when it comes to practical driving test, it is the same in every state with regards to what they test.  Basically, they want to see...


How To Make Your Kid A Doctor in United States Of America [USA]?

Do you want to make your son or daughter a doctor? I asked a few students who became medical students as to how they made it to medical school with out a strong background. Here are the things they mentioned. Elementary School (grades 1-5): Some areas/states will have advanced or gifted programs for kids early on. Discover these and take advantage of them. Biggest factor that is useful throughout all schooling is READING. The smartest...