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Things to consider when buying your first home

Are you planning to buy a new house for the first time? Congratulations!! Home buying for the first time is a sweet experience at the same time it is a steep learning curve. We have experienced buying a few houses that too without a realtor as we always bought new houses and built them. Here are some things that we learnt along the process.  Hope these points help someone new to the process. Location is...

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Rotimatic Roti Maker Reviews

My personal Rotimatic Rotimaker review Me and my husband are both working and we have two kids aged 7 and 3. Our lives are very busy. We were trying to save time by every means we could. We use dishwater for cleaning dishes daily. We are health conscious and wanted to eat roti or chapati daily. It took a long time to make them daily. So, we were dreaming that, one day, someone will invent...