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Courier Service to India from USA

There are multiple ways you can send courier to India from USA If you know someone is going to India, pay for extra check in baggage. Might be cheaper and faster. USPS-The documents reached within a week and paid 5$ DHL-package delivered in 3 days FedEx is an other good option  


Getting OCI renewed due to new passport. Applying for a new OCI card.

The process is similar to applying for a new OCI card when you get a new passport. You follow the same process that you did to get new OCI card. All the documents are the same plus new passport, expired passport and old OCI card, It takes approximately two months. Click on How to apply for OCI card.  


Tips for international travel with a few months old baby

Feel free to ask for support with co-passengers (if needed) Book a bassinet as soon as possible. Ask for extra seat if no bassinet. They don’t allow bassinet during take off and landing. finger foods, baby carrier, pack all the baby food in a transparent ziplock in one place Keep her Diaper Bag Ready: Extra clothes in ziplock, diapers, some new toys, pacifiers to Ease his/her ear pressure, bibs, teethers, blankets, changing pad, diaper pill,...