Important Personal Finanace or Investing Books That Everyone Should Read

best personal finance book to read.

I read a few books on Personal finance and Investing. The following are by far the best ones I liked. The Millionaire Next Door identifies seven common traits that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth. 2. Boglehead’s Guide to Retirement planning: This book explains about retirement plan by finding the … Read more

Best ways To reduce auto insurance premiums

reduce autoinsurance premiums

How to reduce Auto Insurance Premiums?   Obviously,  if you’re staying with one auto insurance company for a long time, they might give you extra benefits with time as you are a loyal customer for them. But, if you don’t call them periodically, you will lose the opportunity to decrease the cost of your auto … Read more

How to save money for haircuts?


How to save money on your haircuts with minimal effort? I always wanted to find saloons with least price for haircuts. It is much easier to save money than earning. There are places where the price of the haircut is higher and there are places where the price is lower with in a short distance … Read more